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Marlee Yates Marlee Yates 2022-02-15

Use the fraph of a and g to fraph h(x)=(f+g)(x).

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Yolanda Jorge Yolanda Jorge 2021-11-27

Find y' if =xy=yx

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actever6a actever6a 2021-11-19

If f(x)=cos(2x), then f(π4)=?

Just think about taking a basic function by changing it according to some predetermined way. You will have to use graphics to understand what kind of transformation has been used. The transformations of functions examples will include translations, reflections, scaling, and vector approaches called rotations. These may be a bit too challenging, yet you should see various examples and use more than one equation to see how transformations of functions equation work in practice. Do not forget about dilations as well by turning to four variables in each example. It will help ou learn the similarities and see the sequences.