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Rylee Friedman Rylee Friedman 2023-01-21

Explain the derivation of v2=u2+2as

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Jesse Freeman Jesse Freeman 2022-12-29

How long is a line ?

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Jamir Summers Jamir Summers 2022-11-23

Distance between (-1,1,3) and (-5,-1,1)?

The distance formula is a mathematical equation used to calculate the distance between two points. It can be used to measure distances on a two-dimensional plane or in three-dimensional space. The formula is simple yet powerful and is applicable to a variety of problems. It is also used in physics, engineering, and other sciences. By using the distance formula, one can quickly calculate the length of a line segment, the distance between two points, or the distance between multiple points. Knowing the distance between points can help us understand our environment better and make better decisions.